Wednesday, October 1, 2014

::: Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) :::

October 1st marks the start of what I like to call the most wonderful time of the year: 
Halloween time!

I find October to be a particularly liberating month: for over three weeks, it's now socially acceptable to dress outlandish, watch copious amounts of horror flicks, read the old gothic terror classics, to decorate and wear macabre accents... though I do all those things on a semi-regular basis, this is the month where I don't have to feel the least bit strange for indulging myself in them. Instead of being super excited about pumpkin spiced lattes, I look forward to reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Edward Gorey classics out loud by candle light with my partner with his black cat. 

So I decided to harken back to my goth days with this 1st of October outfit. (Yeah, you heard right -- I had a few particularly dark phases that I've learned to cultivate into my wardrobe over time.) Obviously, this outfit is for nighttime mischief with the dark, witchy-inspired accents. I also threw in a crystal-ball-esq prop because, hey, it's Halloween time and witchiness is cool. 

Fashion turbans are great for classy-ing up a bad hair day or adding that extra finishing touch to an outfit. Fun fact: I wear an H&M bumpit style foam-on-a-comb underneath each turban to balance out my long face. The eyeball rings (there's two -- the gold and red eye and the all silver minimal one [and you bet I mixed metals in this outfit -- it's October! It's enough of an excuse, so I suggest we all use it]) and the gold talon ring add small accents of mystery that get the point across that this outfit is intended to be on the darker side of moods. This eastern-inspired dress is actually completely lace, so I had my choice of pairing it with a slip or undergarments that provide as much coverage as I wanted (I chose the latter). I collect old, ornate hardback books either about natural science or fashion -- this Second Book of Analytic Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene from 1875 (thanks to my guy, Alex) is absolutely my favorite out of the collection thus far; absolutely everything in it is gorgeously inspiring and morbid. 

Phew, I really let my "freak flag" fly in this post, didn't I? 

My lovely friends at Urban Lace, whom I've worked with several times, have created such incredible jewelry. These bracelets (they make earrings too) are made by hand out of bicycle inner tubes. The brand stands for recyclable fashion, veganism (ps. I'm a vegan of almost 4 years now) and taking inspiration from everyday nature like scales and lychins. I work at a fabulous online magazine as a freelance content creator called TOOVIA and they are actually sponsoring a giveaway with Urban Lace! You can apply here to win one of their most intricate designs (and you'll see a familiar face on the page, hah, I'm a lucky gal).

Happy October 1st, everyone!!

black fashion turban: My dearest A Style Pixie years back
lips: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Black Dahlia 
eastern-inspired black lace keyhole back dress: thrifted
black bandeau bra: forever 21
bracelets: Urban Lace
evil eye rings: red & gold from ebay, silver minimalist from Infinitine
black tri-strap heels: MIA

:: Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) :: David Bowie ::

Photography Copyright: Morgan Stone Grether
Edits by Ammalynn