Thursday, February 5, 2015

::: Sutphin Blvd ::: Ft. Myles Katherine & NextShe :: Pt.1/3 :::

 [I be creep'n ]

:: Outfits I of III :: Morgan Shoots Myles & Amanda ::

Firstly, I want to welcome back my marvelously talented starts-with-the-letter-"m" friends, Myles (her debut) and Morgan (his debut) on Styleynn! Myles is an outrageously talented artist -- a photographer (for realz, guys, she has a gallery opening this Friday [that I'm so lucky to be in!]), painter, model, musician (in the band Rugby) -- not to mention one of the sweetest people of all time. I love ma' Myles. Morgan (also a great musician & entertaining radio personality) I met a few years back as the creator of Instameet: anyone with an Instagram (usually those who enjoy the art aspect a lot) can join the monthly event and go around taking pictures together, hanging out and having fun. Instameets actually took off and became a thing around the world; Morgan sometimes gets opportunities to visit far away lands for Instameets! He's also a super fantastic guy. So I was in the company of pretty phenomenal people for this photoshoot.

Myles and I concocted her outfit to compliment mine a little last minute but it turned out marvelously. She wanted to wear her Dolce Vita boots [similar] as much as possible because they are obviously too fantastic not to. The Ana Nas white velvet maxi dress's length complimented the Ecote sleeveless grey duster whose texture brought out the Madison 88 faux fur circle scarf [similar] and her brilliant white hair. Plus, her dark green sunglasses complimented the color on the building we found too. Gosh, she's such a cool cat....

As for my outfit, it's all about this outrageous cream faux fur coat from NextShe (an utterly fantastic online store that I'm truly blown away by with their gigantic selection). I'm always wearing this coat now... outside of course, and the grocery store because it's always cold there... sometimes after a shower... okay, yes, I'm always cold. But this thick, fluffy coat and I are in a warm, beautiful relationship now -- we take care of each other and nothing warms me faster. I also found this light grey H&M scarf pretty much matches the length of the coat adding some extra definition. The light wash Levi's jeans complimented the paleness of the ensemble leading the eye to my favorite off-white satin '70's vintage heels. Because my skin is so pale and my hair is so dark, I like to accentuate a few features here and there -- dark lipstick is always a go-to for me and these cranberry '70's vintage aviator sunglasses rose color my world all while adding some contrast to my overall paleness. All the '70's items with the fluffy coat reminds me of Penny Lane from Almost Famous, a pretty great style icon for a hippie and as Band Aids went, she was the tops. Peace and love, everyone. Part II from the shoot is coming soon -- keep on the look out!

[music description : chill influences making ya groove]

Guest model: Myles Katherine                                                                    Photography Copyright: Morgan Stone Grether
Edits by Ammalynn