Sunday, February 15, 2015

::: Cat People ::: Ft. Myles Katherine ::: Pt.2/3 :::

:: Outfits II of III :: Morgan Shoots Myles & Amanda ::

My marvelously talented starts-with-the-letter-"m" friends, Myles Katherine (her Styleynn debut) and Morgan (his Styleynn debut), and I did a day of outfit shooting recently and here's the second part! (For a somewhat simple lowdown on these semi-complex, lovely artists, see here or the links to their sites in the credits at the end of this post.)

Myles has such darling style. Her collection of peter-pan-collared clothes is inspirational. We both decided to produce a tougher street style outfit with feminine touches. Softened by red lipstick, Myles had her peter-pan-collared Wednesday Adams-type dress from Modcloth on with a Tignanello purse that matched her dress. In contrast, the grungier Chanel-inspired pom-pom beanie from Bean Goods with Dolce Vita badass boots (similar) toughened up the look. She could kick some serious tooshes. 

The basis for my outfit came from the black and white panel pleather jacket from Zara. I had recently found the jacket along with the black and white platform BDG sneakers at Buffalo Exchange and decided my Calvin Klein black and white striped infinity scarf would complete compliment the black and white blocking; creating what I call a "slightly dizzying b/w sandwiched look." With few exceptions, I usually shy away from bold patterns, but this black and white scarf reminded me so much of the good 'ol Tim Burton days... the goth kid inside me couldn't resist. It is my educated opinion that platform sneakers need to stay around forever because they bring a jolie je ne sais quoi to a comfortable, plain canvas shoe. A.K.A., they need some simple spicing up sometimes. My red lips and WC Shades cat-eye sunglasses brings some femininity and timelessness to this modern tomboy look. 

Mini backpacks, platforms, round glasses, grunge, beanies... is this the '90's? (Uh, I wish. Raise your hand if you miss your 1990's childhood!)

([music description :: sung so marvelously,
feeling so dangerous])

Guest model: Myles Katherine                                                                    Photography Copyright: Morgan Stone Grether
Edits by Ammalynn