Friday, February 27, 2015

::: Hulluu :: Ft. Myles Katherine :: Pt.3/3 :::

:: Outfits III of III :: Morgan Shoots Myles & Amanda ::
My marvelously talented starts-with-the-letter-"m" friends, Myles Katherine (her Styleynn debut) and Morgan (his Styleynn debut), and I did a day of outfit shooting recently and here's the second part! (For a somewhat simple lowdown on these semi-complex, lovely artists, see here or the links to their sites in the credits at the end of this post.)
We did witch wickedness our way. 

A powerful mystique was created in our communal black lace dresses, wide-brim hats, sunglasses and minimal exposed skin. The black H&M lace dress with the high-low asymmetrical hem, high collar and sheer sleeves Myles wore, she blessed these photos with a striking presence that amplified her ethereal white hair and pink reflective vintage glasses tenfold. I added a black snood to hide my short hair (that wouldn't show up anyway under the back wide-brim hat, making it look somewhat like a gothic urban sombrero), which notably enhanced my look to exceptionally dark levels. Of course the round Armani sunglasses helped too; and the faux-fur black vest layered on top of the black vintage lace mermaid skirt with the victorian-esq vegan pumps all went together making a unique silhouette. But my silver and black stone "slave chain" bracelet made my Diane Pernet-esq outfit veer closer to Daphne Guinness's style (both topmost on my dark fashion idols list). 
In the end, it was some dark magic that made both of our outfits work in harmony together; we'd all like to thank the fog, sponsored by the Portland Steel Bridge.

Which witch's outfit are you wowed by? 

([music description :: perfectly manic, dark, fog spell song; location: river ])

Photography Copyright: Morgan Stone Grether
Guest Model: Myles Katherine 
Instax Polaroid Film Photos: MorganAmmalynn
Holga B&W Film Photos: Myles Katherine & Morgan Stone Grether