Friday, November 13, 2015


Hello everyone!

You may or may not have noticed me not posting anything "Styleynn" over the past couple months. 

Well, I've been working tirelessly on my new vegan life and style website, Fashion Vedge! It's a lot of my old blog soon to be mixed with a whole lot more fun! 

This is me now, full-time blogging on my own website as a job. Pretty crazy! 

And I couldn't have done it without all y'all's support -- THANK YOU, LOVELIES!! It's all up from here and I am so excited!!

Here's what the change means to you as a follower...


My Bloglovin' profile, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and Lookbook have all been updated and automatically switched to Fashion Vedge. So other than searching for another name when trying to pinpoint my accounts, you're still following me and will receive updates.

BUT if you're an email subscriber (which means you'll never miss a post), please (please) check out Fashion Vedge and look at the column on the right for a new (secure, no spam -- thanks mom) email subscription to sign up for; you'll only be updated each time there's a new post. 

What Happens to Styleynn?

All my old posts here have been transferred to the new site! 

Here's what FV's about:

Amanda Hatheway of Fashion Vedge is a vegan fashion blogger who wants to inspire fashion-lovers to ditch wool (come on, it’s so itchy), leather (“put the lotion on the skin”), fur (expensive, and irrevocably cruel), angora (because bunnies), silk (overpriced and special needs) and other animal-derived products. There’s a whole world of haute vegan items out there! Why support death when life is a choice?

Her personal style veers toward timelessness. The ambiguity of modern and vintage coming together mostly against quickly dated trends. Eternal style, classic aesthetics will last longer than camo pants on the runway.

She views style as a very personal and public art form. Her artistic inclinations will produce occasional editorials posted to Fashion Vedge in slight contrast to street style. Romantic, dark, ethereal, neutral, minimal and monotone is what her aesthetics defaults to. Not only will there be outfits, there will be plenty of helpful vegan articles. From "17 Toasty Vegan Sweaters" to recommended links and documentaries, posts will be about style or veganism -- or both!

Styleynn, her former vegan fashion blog, had been hailed as one of the best vegan fashion blogs on the net. She re-launched her blog from Blogger to WordPress and assumed the moniker Fashion Vedge in Fall, 2015.

It’s more than possible to dress well without animal products!

Let’s vedge on fashion!!

Check out Fashion Vedge!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

::: Black Summer :::

When I was younger, I used to feel somewhat awkward about wearing black in the summer. I thought, "Summer is reserved for bright colors and whites! Take advantage of the sunny opportunities!" Obviously I'm over that now, but accepting black into my year-round wardrobe wasn't always what I considered an option. Once I found I could comfortably say ,"this is me" when it comes to my personal style, that's when I feel my style began to flourish. Instead of sampling a variety of fashion trends and inspirations, I no longer just get what I admire without thought as to what it would add or take away from my overall wardrobe style. 

It takes a long time to become aware of your own comfort, detecting how often you could work that item into outfits and figuring out what you want it to say. For me, I'm just not comfortable with bright colors anymore.  I admire them on other people, designs, outfits, art, on walls, etc. Realizing bright colors weren't "me" pushed me into creating a strong presence, but keeping to myself; I wouldn't be able to achieve that (personally - though there's plenty of badass minimal outfits I marvel at) with loud colors. Bright jewel tones were my thing for almost all of high school, and it brought me a lot of attention that I had to adjust to; I just enjoyed working the colors together. Perhaps you're one who shies away from black or darker colors during the summer (or always) - that's awesome and I admire that! My color theory comes down to personalities. Brighter colors symbolize outgoingness, and darker colors convey reservation. Each temperament can be friendly, but I prefer not sticking out too much if I can help it. I'm an introvert, it makes sense, right?

But I allow myself to have a lot of fun and freedom when I'm styling myself for photoshoots. Sorry to break it to ya, but I'm not usually wearing a maxi skirt with a giant black hat, platform sandals, odd glasses and a crop top all the time in the summer for daily events. It's still me, but another side: the theatrical side. Realizing I wanted my movement to be uninhibited really began to nudge me into reserving outfits or certain pieces for artistic means instead of daily wear; though of course there's a lot of mix-and-match going on within those two camps. If I lived in NYC or LA, my more outlandish artistic style would likely be often on display, but it doesn't completely make sense for Portland because it's so casual here. Not to say I'm not fashionable "irl" or don't exhibit what I really do wear day-to-day on here - there's a good mix of both that I showcase. But I tend to separate the impractically fun outfits from those I can run around downtown in to catch the bus and not be ogled at by nasty creeps for the rest of the 40-some minute bus ride home.

There's a kismet feeling I wait for when I browse fashion. When I saw these absolutely beautiful metal frame Polette sunglasses, I felt a meant-to-be moment. There's a lot of eye candy out there to boggle at. But these sunglasses were an absolute must-have for both artistic and everyday situations because they just felt like "me." 

Since this year has been stupid hot in Portland, I've been on the lookout for more sleeveless pieces to wear. The CN Direct black sleeveless vest dress proved it's worth in professionalism (with a tank underneath and probably another knee-length skirt), comfort and sleekness. Adding a belt made it perfect for wearing it more casually as a dress. The platform 90's stretch sandals enhanced the dress look and made this simple but perfectly handy faux leather purse from CN Direct tie in the whole look. If someone saw this outfit somewhere else and told me they thought it was very "me," I'd be happy they thought of me.

What are your thoughts on wearing black during hot weather? Is it foolish because it can attract more heat in the sun, or is it daring? ...Or is it just "you"? Do you feel kismet moments with items? (Or am I just being silly and materialistic...?)

Photos: Alex Baumann / Ammalynn
Copyright: Amanda Hatheway / Styleynn2015
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

::: Files :::



In case you don't know how much of a nerd I am, I'd like the record to state: The X-Files is my favorite tv show. Though it took until I was in my twenties (in 2012 to be exact) to completely watch all of the episodes, I still have a distinct childhood memory involving the show. Perhaps most 90's kids have a story to tell in regards to The X-Files?

Here's mine: It's the 90's. Alien and dinosaur obsessions were at paramount. In Portland, there's a science museum called "OMSI" that was probably the coolest place to go to as a kid, and home to the best gift shop of all time. What made their shop the best? It was home to an extensive selection of books and novelty items about aliens and dinosaurs (among other things, but this post would go on forever if I listed the full wonder of all things OMSI).

It had been a whimsical day with my dad and little brother at OMSI. We went to the limited-time only exhibit and went through all of our favorite educational activities. At last, it was time to visit the best store ever. Oh the wonderment! Lab kits, archaeology sets, aliens, animals galore! That day, I was lucky enough to walk out with a project where I had to carefully dig up a frozen alien's tomb inside a large block of hard earth. Oh happy day! It was freezing and raining outside while I whittled away at the block of matter, but I was determined to seek my alien prize; and the cold made the frozen alien inside more believable, even if I couldn't feel my hands. Fast forward: I found it, cleaned it, and was as much in awe of this new alien in my presence as I was wary of it. Going to bed, I had the alien at my bedside; ya know, just to make sure I was scared enough by it, I guess. The lights were out but I hadn't yet opened my eyes to check and see if the alien was still there. As I peeked through my sheets to view the (glow in the dark! What? Hello!) alien, the X-Files theme song started blaring. My immediate reaction was something along the lines of, "I'M GOING TO BE ABDUCTED BY ALIENS. WHY DID I CHOOSE THE ALIEN? WHY, OH, WHY?!" Then came the flood of rationalizations about the safety of hiding under sheets, playing dead, refusing to open my eyes... Then it hit me - I knew that song was associated with aliens because of The X-Files...duh, my parents were watching the show with the volume up too loud downstairs. BUT, STILL, WHY AT THAT EXACT MOMENT?! Did I lose 9 minutes?? I'll never know... This memory has stuck with me for so many years, and still makes me smile - it's my first memory of my now favorite tv show.

I don't wear a lot of graphic tees, but when I do, they usually featur David Bowie, Jurassic Park, animals, animal rights, or The X-Files. That is literally the list of my novelty tees. And when I wear my 90's nerd swag, I like to embellish a bit on the theme, so adding a 90's fake tattoo choker necklace was a given. And the recycled yoga mat sling sandals are just comfy and sensible. Livening up the look is the pleather grey and black paneled leggings. Oh, and my Paranormality book, which Mulder and Scully would probably be interested in.

It's fun to think about occurrences as a child influencing who you are today. Would I cite The X-Files as my favorite tv show without that experience? The evidence is inconclusive, and aggravated by vague opinion...but the truth may be out there...

Do you have memories of the X-Files as a kid? Were you into aliens back then? Have you noticed a silly childhood event you kind of forgot about has affected you later in life?

Photos: Ammalynn
Copyright: Amanda Hatheway / Styleynn2015 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

:: Next ::



It's hard keeping cool in the summer! Besides shorts, what always helps me brave the heat is a flowy sleeveless dress. I never wear bodycon dresses anymore because I learned to love how looser dresses can catch the breeze. This black halter dress from Nextshe is even more breezy because of the open back. I'd never been much of a fan of open back clothes before - I usually like some support around the chest (read: a bra) - but this dress is worth it. Intense feelings of intrigue took me over when I put this dress on. The vintage wide brim hat that I attached black fabric flowers to lent the outfit more mystery, and the 90's fake tattoo choker (which I'm actually really happily nostalgic to wear these again) added some extra fun, while the upcycled yoga mat sling sandals provided comfort.

As the evening darkens, the outfit really comes alive; perfect for walking around downtown in the heat of the night, wading through fountains, trying to cool off after a tasty drink.

What's your go-to outfit for a night on the town when it's hot?

Photos: Ammalynn
Copyright: Amanda Hatheway / Styleynn2015 

Monday, June 22, 2015

::: Eye Art :::


I was in awe when I saw these Frankenweenie glasses on Polette. Harkening back to the turn of the century when all glasses were metal-framed with small circular lenses, they're an absolute work of art. Nowhere have I seen anything like these other than in antique shops where I lust for them. These are the type of glasses to put on display when they're not in use. (And you bet I do!)
The vintage spectacles called for a dramatic outfit. The black wide brim sun hat I originally bought for Halloween last year came in handy for blocking the sun out and looking pretty darn stylish, if not eccentric. 
Adding to my retro thrills, high-neck tops and dresses are everywhere again! I haven't seen so many available since the 90s - oh, joyous resurging trends! This top is actually a swimsuit top, though it's also perfect as a crop top. For me, if I'm going to be showing certain areas on my body I don't usually exhibit publicly, I like to add some contrasting elements to feel more comfortable, and more myself - and that's what personal style should feel like. Right?
The vintage black maxi skirt is made of my favorite draping material, it's heavy, it hardly wrinkles and here, it streamlines the outfit, leading the eye down to the black platform wedge sandals. It's a cosy and artistic look, perfect for backyard cocktails 
Welcome to my "minimal retro summer goth" look. Happy summer!! 

Photos: Alex Baumann / Ammalynn
Copyright: Amanda Hatheway / Styleynn2015
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Sunday, May 31, 2015

::: Turn Turn Turn :::









Look at the picture below. Remember it. Then come back up here. And now you can continue reading the below paragraphs.  ;)
I've had this dress since 2012. Over that time, my style has obviously changed (the picture below is from when I first got it; illustrating a different version of myself and the dress). Only recently, my inspiration has really come from myself, rather than others around me. You could say I was a little undecided as to what my fashion identity was back then. Though I say that now, I wonder if I'll ever really, truly know my fashion identity; one never can know. The dress was bright and floral the day I took the self-portrait for my account on (and has since been taken down because it doesn't reflect my style anymore). 
Though it was years ago, apart from the sunglasses (so sad they broke, but at least it was due to a phenomenal hug from my dear friend after 8 months when she was in France), I still have everything pictured...welll, except the orange lipstick.
You see where I'm going with this: I dyed the dress recently. It fit too well for me to try selling it. My goal was to make it a solid black (because, duh, it's me), but, alas, a deep blue set in over the floral pattern. The dress became muted and agrees with my style much better now. But, admittedly, I'm not too sure I'll wear it out much, as I'm more apt to keep it in my separate photoshoot wardrobe. 
In the above self-portraits with the darker version of the dress, I wanted to balance out the darkness with something a little extra, which turned out to be the detachable white lace collar. But to prevent the outfit from looking tooo darling, instead of adding cat-eye sunglasses, I added 1970s pink aviators. The sandals were a tossup between the two extremes - gotta love versatility. Overall, the outfit became whimsical which complimented my surroundings. Everyone enjoys a little magic ('cept the Dursleys).
The turning of the seasons over the years brings many changes, I'm curious to see what continues to progress. How have your style evolutions transpired? When you change, do you still hold onto old things or start as new as you can?

Photos: Ammalynn
Copyright: Amanda Hatheway / Styleynn2015