Sunday, July 26, 2015

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In case you don't know how much of a nerd I am, I'd like the record to state: The X-Files is my favorite tv show. Though it took until I was in my twenties (in 2012 to be exact) to completely watch all of the episodes, I still have a distinct childhood memory involving the show. Perhaps most 90's kids have a story to tell in regards to The X-Files?

Here's mine: It's the 90's. Alien and dinosaur obsessions were at paramount. In Portland, there's a science museum called "OMSI" that was probably the coolest place to go to as a kid, and home to the best gift shop of all time. What made their shop the best? It was home to an extensive selection of books and novelty items about aliens and dinosaurs (among other things, but this post would go on forever if I listed the full wonder of all things OMSI).

It had been a whimsical day with my dad and little brother at OMSI. We went to the limited-time only exhibit and went through all of our favorite educational activities. At last, it was time to visit the best store ever. Oh the wonderment! Lab kits, archaeology sets, aliens, animals galore! That day, I was lucky enough to walk out with a project where I had to carefully dig up a frozen alien's tomb inside a large block of hard earth. Oh happy day! It was freezing and raining outside while I whittled away at the block of matter, but I was determined to seek my alien prize; and the cold made the frozen alien inside more believable, even if I couldn't feel my hands. Fast forward: I found it, cleaned it, and was as much in awe of this new alien in my presence as I was wary of it. Going to bed, I had the alien at my bedside; ya know, just to make sure I was scared enough by it, I guess. The lights were out but I hadn't yet opened my eyes to check and see if the alien was still there. As I peeked through my sheets to view the (glow in the dark! What? Hello!) alien, the X-Files theme song started blaring. My immediate reaction was something along the lines of, "I'M GOING TO BE ABDUCTED BY ALIENS. WHY DID I CHOOSE THE ALIEN? WHY, OH, WHY?!" Then came the flood of rationalizations about the safety of hiding under sheets, playing dead, refusing to open my eyes... Then it hit me - I knew that song was associated with aliens because of The X-Files...duh, my parents were watching the show with the volume up too loud downstairs. BUT, STILL, WHY AT THAT EXACT MOMENT?! Did I lose 9 minutes?? I'll never know... This memory has stuck with me for so many years, and still makes me smile - it's my first memory of my now favorite tv show.

I don't wear a lot of graphic tees, but when I do, they usually featur David Bowie, Jurassic Park, animals, animal rights, or The X-Files. That is literally the list of my novelty tees. And when I wear my 90's nerd swag, I like to embellish a bit on the theme, so adding a 90's fake tattoo choker necklace was a given. And the recycled yoga mat sling sandals are just comfy and sensible. Livening up the look is the pleather grey and black paneled leggings. Oh, and my Paranormality book, which Mulder and Scully would probably be interested in.

It's fun to think about occurrences as a child influencing who you are today. Would I cite The X-Files as my favorite tv show without that experience? The evidence is inconclusive, and aggravated by vague opinion...but the truth may be out there...

Do you have memories of the X-Files as a kid? Were you into aliens back then? Have you noticed a silly childhood event you kind of forgot about has affected you later in life?

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