Saturday, June 13, 2015

::: SheInside :::


Striped black and white clothes that fit right and are flattering are surprisingly hard to come by. Am I alone with that statement? I'm still searching for the perfect black and white tee with a boatneck - after a decade, I swear. But, this SheInside dress, is wonderful. I usually prefer to dress more minimally, so stripes can actually be a little to noisy if overdone. This dress is straight, classic, and actually quite simple. I love it...even though I'm intimidated by white. It's one of my favorite "colors" (I know, I know, it's technically the absence of color) to wear. Far too often I try on something white and it ends up being see-through. What's the use in that?? And, I can be kinda clumsy...sometimes...
White is perfect for nice weather. It's bright, it's airy and lovely. But I don't wear it much because black can be such a blessing: Recently, I bought a cup of coffee down the street from my work and they didn't have a cup holder, so I used a napkin to carry it a few (long) blocks without it burning my hands. While adjusting the music on my phone, my grip lessened enough for it to slip, but when I caught it, I also squeezed too hard so a rain of coffee fell down upon me. Fun stuff, right? I didn't lose as much coffee as I thought I did, which was an upside - but I didn't have to worry about my clothes at ALL! Any other color would have been a disaster. (Hey, I pride myself on taking great care of my if I want to get rid of them in the future, I can trade/sell them for replacements or something new.) When I wear white, I make sure I'm especially careful; which makes this dress, as my newest, most coveted white dress, I'm going to be especially precocious. This beauty is so well-made, perfect for celebrating warm weather in, and it's comfy.
The dress gave me a bit of a nautical travel feel, so I used my black Kate Spade backpack, somewhat fancy loafers and my mom's old 90s Armani sunglasses to complete a simple, yet casually classy look. A great outfit for day or night in the beginning of summer heat-waves. 
Photos: Alex Baumann / Ammalynn
Copyright: Amanda Hatheway / Styleynn2015