Friday, November 13, 2015


Hello everyone!

You may or may not have noticed me not posting anything "Styleynn" over the past couple months. 

Well, I've been working tirelessly on my new vegan life and style website, Fashion Vedge! It's a lot of my old blog soon to be mixed with a whole lot more fun! 

This is me now, full-time blogging on my own website as a job. Pretty crazy! 

And I couldn't have done it without all y'all's support -- THANK YOU, LOVELIES!! It's all up from here and I am so excited!!

Here's what the change means to you as a follower...


My Bloglovin' profile, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and Lookbook have all been updated and automatically switched to Fashion Vedge. So other than searching for another name when trying to pinpoint my accounts, you're still following me and will receive updates.

BUT if you're an email subscriber (which means you'll never miss a post), please (please) check out Fashion Vedge and look at the column on the right for a new (secure, no spam -- thanks mom) email subscription to sign up for; you'll only be updated each time there's a new post. 

What Happens to Styleynn?

All my old posts here have been transferred to the new site! 

Here's what FV's about:

Amanda Hatheway of Fashion Vedge is a vegan fashion blogger who wants to inspire fashion-lovers to ditch wool (come on, it’s so itchy), leather (“put the lotion on the skin”), fur (expensive, and irrevocably cruel), angora (because bunnies), silk (overpriced and special needs) and other animal-derived products. There’s a whole world of haute vegan items out there! Why support death when life is a choice?

Her personal style veers toward timelessness. The ambiguity of modern and vintage coming together mostly against quickly dated trends. Eternal style, classic aesthetics will last longer than camo pants on the runway.

She views style as a very personal and public art form. Her artistic inclinations will produce occasional editorials posted to Fashion Vedge in slight contrast to street style. Romantic, dark, ethereal, neutral, minimal and monotone is what her aesthetics defaults to. Not only will there be outfits, there will be plenty of helpful vegan articles. From "17 Toasty Vegan Sweaters" to recommended links and documentaries, posts will be about style or veganism -- or both!

Styleynn, her former vegan fashion blog, had been hailed as one of the best vegan fashion blogs on the net. She re-launched her blog from Blogger to WordPress and assumed the moniker Fashion Vedge in Fall, 2015.

It’s more than possible to dress well without animal products!

Let’s vedge on fashion!!

Check out Fashion Vedge!