Wednesday, March 11, 2015

::: Balboa Blue : Ft. Polette Eyewear :::

I don’t think I’ve ever had such as high-quality sunglasses as these Rubis sunglasses from Polette. These babies are as solid as Ray Bans -- I swear -- they have a great weight to them but aren't too show-y while still being classic; basically everything I’ve ever wanted in sunglasses. Polette is one of the best places I know of to buy any type of glasses (glasses/sunglasses with correction lenses, custom glasses with tinted lenses -- all combinations, all so affordable) -- I can’t wait to get a pair of the E-Polette glasses to reduce eye strain from staring at my screen at work for nine hours. I love how androgynous the Rubis can be, so I wanted to play that up by mixing some tomboy and feminine elements together. The skater dress and thigh-highs with dark nylons underneath pushed the femininity; then the blue denim vest + faux leather jacket + Dr. Martens triple-combo accelerated the tomboy look that resulted.

It’s time we talk a little about faux-leather. With “real” leather (often from other countries, and most especially those from China), you have no idea what kind of hide you’re actually getting. It’s a hidden, unfortunate truth that China has dog-leather industry. You read that right. Leather made of “man’s best friend.” I’m resisting going into detail on here, but “leather-industry” animals are often skinned alive for their hide to make those shoes, furniture, and other items that people say “will last forever because it’s leather” and therefore it’s “luxury.” Is so much suffering worth those items you may or may not suit your taste in the long run (ya know, while “lasting forever” *cough*) when you can buy just as fabulous a product that didn’t cause multiple beings to suffer?

Why cause pain for convenience and selfishness when we have so many choices? Have you noticed that most “luxurious” items or “exotic” foods are from animals? Are you seeing a trend? Have you also noticed how faux-leather or abstaining from expensive delicacies can save you money?

Personally, I don’t see dogs any different from pigs, cows, chickens, human babies, squirrels or any other living being. They are all sentient. Farmed animals know when they’re about to be “sacrificed” for human’s greed (the green acres farms are almost completely a lie -- I must implore you to do some research and check for credible sources if you’re skeptical). Pigs, especially, are smarter than dogs, and they’re just as cuddly and sweet. Just imagining your pet being treated like these animals should convince anyone with compassion and, hell -- a heart -- that supporting these industries is morally wrong. What did animals do to deserve human torture? They don’t deserve to be bacon just because “it tastes soo good.” That is straight up ignorance. Sorry to be so harsh (it’s tough-love, I swear), but there needs to be more social accountability; especially in the American economics, for the FDA is almost entirely corrupted due to capitalism seeing as they are bought off by animal trade industries because that’s what people think they “need.”

Okay, I do realize I’m getting a little too heated. I honestly am not trying to shame anyone, rather than be a source of “the more you know” info that you can take as you will. Can you blame me for caring about other beings in this world? I’m going to fight the good fight for as long as I live. Give the animals in your life some love for me. <3






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Photos: Alex Baumann / Edits: Ammalynn                            Copyright: Amanda Hatheway, 2015