Sunday, June 8, 2014

::: Future Past ::: Ft. Myles Katherine :::

: : : a d o r n m e n t s : : :

Over the Knee Tights : : Hue Microfiber Over the Knee Socks
Velvet Cardigan: Vintage : : Three Penny Mercantile
Cape/Cloak : Nordstrom Label : : Buffalo Exchange
Nautilus Pendant : : The Gold Door 
Giant Black Stone Ring: Vintage : : Three Penny Mercantile
Spoon Wrap-Around Ring : : The Spoon Man
Long Black Wig : : Amazon 
Crescent Moon Pendant : : Vintage
Other Rings : : Assorted Vintage

: : :  c o m m e n t a r y  : : :

  • While these fine art photos aren't the most fashion-centered, they do have some elements that I have gotten questions about....
  • Let's talk wigs. I've had some really good luck with cheap wigs on Amazon. Having had this one for a while (used exclusively at photoshoots, every photographer is usually stunned by the great quality), I much recommend looking for ones that are reviewed. The synthetic hair is so good now -- you don't have to get all your fun wigs during Halloween anymore. Plus, if someone is helping give you a clue as to the quality, why not check it out if you're wanting a change?
  • These Hue microfiber over the knee socks are my favorite of their kind because they are comfortable and they have no chance of pilling (I could write a whole post about how it's such a huge pet peeve for me. I use my fabric shaver on almost everything, which of course includes socks).
  • The Spoon Man ring I got from the Portland Saturday Market back when my dear friend & old roommate Erika (A Style Pixie) was in town a couple years ago! Check her style blog out, she's such an inspiration!
  • This photos date was magically fun. Obviously. Myles is so wonderful & talented... I could sing her vertues forever but you should check out more of her work and get an idea of why she's so enchanting for yourself! (PS. "Photo date" is my term for taking photos of each other. Always super fun.)

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Photos of me by Myles Katherine PhotographyPhotos of Myles by me ( Ammalynn )
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