Monday, June 16, 2014

::: Mirage :::

: : : i n s p i r a t i o n : : :

: : s t e v i e : n i c k s : :

: : : a d o r n m e n t s : : :

Bullet Cylinder Earrings : : Infinitine
Little Big Open Evil Eye Knuckle Ring : : Infinitine
Fortunate Eye Necklace : : Infinitine
Dress : : Chiffon Cape-Style Dress -- Ebay
Over the Knee Socks : : Hue Microfiber Over the Knee Socks 
Boots : : MIA
Turban : : Erika ( aka: A Style Pixie )
Armor Knuckle Cage Double Finger Shield Ring -- Ebay
Crescent Moon Necklace : : Vintage
Other Rings : : Assorted Vintage

: : :  c o m m e n t a r y  : : :

  • Picture me as a kid flopping out of our van's side door into the sand, exasperated after the two hour drive to the beach, forced to listen to nothing but Fleetwood Mac. Of course my attitude has completely changed & I even saw them last summer. Obviously I had to channel Stevie Nicks to see them (this was before American Horror Story [and Glee...] made her prominent again among 14-28 year-olds). This dress was perfect to dance ethereally with a random inebriated dude on the way to the bathroom.
  • When it comes to jewelry, I am incredibly picky; thankfully Infinitine had an incredible assortment of rare classic and minimalist beauties. Every day since they arrived in a beautiful lilac box with a ribbon around it, they have been major staples in my style. I haven't even taken the eye ring off. 
  • For about two years I had been perusing fashion turbans -- Erika knew this. She knew everything, obviously (the roomie/bestie relationship is real). Eventually I had to transfer out of our college apartment together and head up north to finish my new degree (ps. just officially graduated yesterday) but she generously sent this turban she found upstate to me! Check her style out!