Wednesday, October 8, 2014

::: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) :::

Boots, sunglasses and a trench coat together will never cease to remind me of stereotypical spies from the 1960's.

Of course that was what I aimed for with this outfit, so I added a turtleneck, motorcycle gloves and minimal colors to play up my spy game. I'm usually cold, so this outfit still works for me even when the autumn weather is mild and pleasant. What are your go-to outfits for those in-between days?

cat eye sunglasses :: Wholesale Celebshades
pleated tan trench :: H&M [[NY store in '09]]
black turtleneck :: Gap [[Buffalo Exchange]]
black skinny jeans :: Levis 
black motorcycle gloves :: Forever 21
large black purse :: Thrifted
black lace up boots :: Thrifted

 ::Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) :: Cher ::