Friday, October 3, 2014

::: Becomes the Color :::

  Truth be told, the majority of my wardrobe is black. 

I definitely do not shy away from the color black -- it's sleek, it's strong, it's timeless. Style-wise, my relationship with black clothing has been a journey. As an artist, I suppose I'm more likely to think about color philosophies. It took me a while to understand how to incorporate black into my wardrobe without it defining me. It's easy to use certain colors to try and get a point across. As kids do, I went through phases and they physically took the form of colors. My first big black clothing phase was when I was into all things witch, Wednesday Addams & Lydia Deetz in third grade. At my most emo moody I made sure I wore all black in middle school, when I used to write vampire stories in the dark listening to Japanese techno/house music. Then in college I was required to buy more black clothing to don as a backstage tech when I was makeup supervisor in theatre. But when I was riding the bus to and from downtown at night, I had to re-assess my color choices -- I chose black colors mostly as a defense mechanism. The color black increasingly meant a sort of danger, a sophisticated-looking warning. And through a kind of thankfulness to black, the color became a kind of meaningful emblem in my style.

Alex and I were going downtown to get vegan ramen and to see Magic in the Moonlight (which was charming, beautiful and old fashioned). I love it when I can be inspired fashion-wise by the films I see because it's fun to subtly dress up for them. Since MM had a whimsical touch, I wanted to add a bit of that to my outfit too. The dress I chose is velvety, which is a somewhat mystical fabric in comparison with most. The glitter socks and crescent moon necklace were both somewhat magical. It was a warm night and wearing my light black lace kimono-cardigan added a darker ethereal touch. I added some timeless heels, and ta-dah -- I became the color.

kimono cardigan :[: Red Light Vintage :]:
dress :: Ralph Lauren :[: Goodwill :]:
crescent moon necklace :[: ebay :]:
glitter socks :[: Forever 21 :]:
heels :: Jolie :[: Crossroads Trading :]:

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