Tuesday, October 28, 2014

::: Lumsing :::

Call me what you will, but I love monochromatic colors ... or, I suppose ... I love the lack of color. 

There's a power and an incognito feel to neutral colors as opposed to bold ones. I have very few colors in my wardrobe because I think as an introvert, I feel I won't stand out so much as I would with louder colors. The lack of color in my wardrobe lets my somewhat colorful personality be of attention, rather than trying to showcase it or represent it with bright colors. This is just my personal philosophy that I have come to adopt and continue to philosophize over the years.

Believe me, I used to wear a lot of colors and patterns -- red and florals especially. Nowadays, it's not that I don't like colors or patterns -- I've just learned what I feel the most comfortable in, which is a simple and sleek look with minimal colors. I admire and even love colors and fun patterns on other people; especially those who love color so much that it's part of their identity (such as those with rainbow hair), but I don't identify with that kind of expression. Neutrals and barely-there colors with very selective patterns are just what I feel comfortable and strong in -- and I'm content and confident about that style representing me.

Even with non-fashion products, I love it when they further my neutral aesthetics. I recently received a Lumsing external battery charger (see below) is perfection with my usual attire; not to mention a heavenly match with my black and grey panelled leggings. There are some times when my phone starts declining in battery power with no power sockets available where I am -- and that's where this portable charger is queen. It's only a little bit heavier and thicker than my Samsung S5, but it's super sleek and small enough to travel with. This little thing can charge anything with a USB socket -- up to two USB electronics at the same time (which means my guy's iPhone and my Galaxy). Charging the Lumsing power bank itself is fast and it produces several full charges for my phone -- I'm still impressed. If you want all the cool tech details, you can view them here. For how cheap, yet well-made and stylish this item is, it's kind of a no-brainer purchase if you're looking for some extra phone battery life in your busy lifestyle. It fits with my style and my needs... I love it.

black / grey beanie :: neff :: amazon ::
'90's sunglasses :: giorgio armani :: gifted from my ma ::
black silver chain purse :: chanel :: gifted from the lovely nortons ::
oversized lapel black jacket :: jones new york :: borrowed from my ma ::
black & grey panel leggings :: target ::
black cowlneck pocket dress :: amisu :: buffalo exchange ::
black lace-up booties :: easy spirit :: red light vintage ::
small silver eye ring :: infinitine ::
power bank external portable battery charger :: lumsing ::