Thursday, October 16, 2014

::: Gallows :

It's still warm in Portland! 

Seriously, it feels like fall is betraying us. Usually by mid October in Oregon, we have a wonderland of fire-y leaves, but we're still waiting because it's been so warm! Climate change, yeesh. . . .

Though the weather is slow-going, for this outfit I chose a sweater that I wear only as a dress (usually with leggings or at least bike shorts underneath). If only I knew the brand of the sweater, I'd buy so many more -- it's so well-made and versatile. As you can see, it's a somewhat looser knit (you can only see a bit through it in silhouette light, which illustrates that it breathes well) so I can layer it or keep it easy-breezy. I love to accentuate the v-neck on this sweater with my long crescent moon necklace -- it makes me appear longer, rather than accentuating the slight bulk of the (or any) sweater. The small Infinitine fortunate eye necklace creates minimal extra interest; as well as my other moon earrings and my favorite statement armor ring and Armani sunglasses. Adding the combat boots makes the look tougher, despite the (somewhat) short hemline that has some vulnerability to it (but, ha, with shorts on underneath!). I basically live in oversize sweaters in the fall and winter, so I was so happy to don this lovely number again! 

round 90's sunglasses :: vintage armani :: my mum ::
moon earrings :: personally modified :: my aunt ::
minimalist silver fortunate eye necklace :: infinitine ::
long silver crescent moon necklace :: __ :: vintage ::
black sweater dress :: __ :: vintage ::
full finger armor ring :: ebay ::
combat booties :: __ :: red light vintage ::
makeup :: lush cosmetics ::

:: Gallows :: Cocorosie ::

(I chose this song and title merely because it's spooky
and we're getting closer to Halloween. I'm in 
full horror movie binge mode each night,
so I had to show some swag somewhere.
This video is beautiful,
creepy & melodic --
like a dark lullaby.)