Tuesday, October 21, 2014

::: Beetle Deetz :::

Often, the fun of the Halloween spirit makes me reach for inspiration from my 
favorite movie characters. 
In this outfit, I wanted to pay special tribute to the film Beetlejuice, incorporating the title character and Lydia Deetz in one outfit. Ever since the film came out in the late '80s, Lydia has been a key inspiration for many who dare to venture dressing on the dark side. While Ms. Deetz was theatrical, she was still chic without wearing cheesy-looking skulls or anything overly studded. She kept her style quite timeless, which is one reason why she has been copied and emulated as a dark style emblem while earning a spot in film fashion history. 

As a child, I always veered towards Wednesday Addams and Lydia when "looking up to" film characters -- especially when it came to their style. I can't exactly put my finger on what made them so relatable to me as a child, but I thought they were far cooler than any Disney princesses (though it didn't stop me from being minorly obsessed with Pocahontas).  Their strangeness had a hold on me as I'm sure they influenced my development. (Also, check out this  Lydia list I created for TOOVIA recently.)

How I emulated Beetlejuice: black and white stripes, obviously! For the Lydia part, it came down to a black, flat hat, being mostly covered and staying "dark" in overall color. Though I doubt Lydia would go for the bare arms and white lace details, the outfit still conjures up a gothic feel while combining the two characters. Plus, the lace flower pin I added to the hat also hints at Tim Burton messy hair.

On a quick side note, I want to point out that I bought this vintage dress when it was about two sizes too big with puffy sleeves. I had it altered. Overall, the dress cost me around $28 -- $12 bought and $15 altered. If you are thrifting and find a piece that you know would really haunt you if you didn't buy it (especially at a low[ish] price) -- get it altered. It's worth it!

black flat brim boater :: __ :: buffalo exchange ::
black lace flower pin :: forever 21 ::
white lace trim black flared dress :: vintage :: red light portland ::
b&w striped leggings :: always :: ether portland ::
black almond toe booties :: mia :: thrifted ::
assorted vintage rings :: vintage; my s.o.; infinitine (the eye ring) ::