Sunday, November 30, 2014

::: Heartleap : Pt.II :::

Alex and I traveled down to my ol' college town, Ashland, for the weekend to catch up and shoot with our talented friend Claire. She and I shot for 8 hours documenting looks I styled with a mix of items from Three Penny Mercantile and some of my own. So -- of course -- we had to throw the so-handsome Alex in the creative whirlwind too. 

Last week, I decided to jump the gun on our origin story in Pt.1, where I talked about how Alex and I were in art classes in high school together; and though we never talked back then, we still had irrational crushes on each other. 
:: Part II of II :: Amanda & Alex ::

Years passed and so did our relationships with others. Eventually, we were single at the same time and on OkCupid in the summer of '13. My profile conveyed that I was basically on there to find a partner who was vegan. Since my lifestyle and belief change, I had almost exclusively rude omnivorous men trying to pick fights with me in each interaction; I assumed it would have never worked between me and an omnivore. 

Alex and I were highly reccomended to each other in our "compatibility percentages" on the site, but when we looked at each other's profiles, we went "PASS." I was looking for a veg guy (he eats mostly plant-based now, and often did before he met me; but does not consider himself any "veg" prefix)... and Alex was wearing a fedora (he never liked them before his ex made him think women thought they looked sexy. He isn't that gullible, but he saw them around and was usually so engulfed in finishing his geotechnical engineering masters degree to really figure it out. I told him later that's not what most people think... *cough*usuallyyoungguyswearingthemarejerks*cough*) and had barely anything written on his page. We both felt a familiarity towards each other, but since no one uses their real names (and we had changed a lot in 9 years), we still passed on each other.

In July, soon after I decided to get back on Facebook from taking a break from it for over a year (if you're an artist nowadays without a fan page or online presence, the odds of success are stacked against you), I recieved a friend request from Alex. He recognized my name as it was recommended and he messaged me asking if I was, indeed, "Amanda from Telle's Art Class." After some quick chats, he promptly asked me on a date. I was kind of floored that the mysterious, artsy-smart, handsome "Alex From Telle's Art Class" was asking me out. Suddenly I felt like I was young and scoring a date with an upperclassman. 

It was a feeling of kismet when he turned the corner to meet me in front of the (sadly, now closed) vegan school restaurant at the college we both attended. Life suddenly became brighter and curiously slower as he moved towards me with his adorable smile (oh, his smile!). Our date turned from coffee/tea after school, to dinner, to walking all over downtown to get to a bar where we could draw and have a little drink. We spent six hours together; we'd never had such an incredible date before -- let alone a first date. We still can't believe how our silly crushes from afar in high school has blossomed into such strange perfection.

But I had to do something about Drew, the other guy I happened to be going on a few dates with; he was nice, but we had no chemistry. The day after my date with Alex was my capstone fundraising improv show (for The Right Brain Initiative ) I had already invited Drew to. We'd been on a few dates and hadn't even held hands, yet it felt so sinful for me to be missing Alex sitting next to him. But Alex and I were set on each other even after our first date.

I fully realize this story is already a little too long for a blog post, so I'm going to conclude by telling you that we have been together almost one and-a-half marvelous years. It may not seem as though it's been long, but we definitely feel we've known each other for longer. This post would be never-ending if I talked any more about our relationship and how incredible he is. It's been an absolute delight being his partner, we show our appreciation every day. There's nothing we could do or say to break our bond. In regards to our future, "we just know."

And that's all, folks! Next post will be more about Ashland with more outfits featuring Three Penny Mercantile.


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cat-eye sunglasses :: wholesale celeb shades ::
grey chambray button-up :: american rag :: macy's ::
classic black jacket :: f21 :: buffalo exchange ::
men's black dress shoes with back buckle :: steve madden ::

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