Sunday, November 16, 2014

::: Playera :::

Burgundy is probably the only bold color I will sport.

Those who have patroned my blog know I am all about neutral and barely-there colors. I make few exceptions: a floral pattern that's understated or just too pretty to pass up, a jewel-toned dress that's classically cut, and other hints or small pops of color when I feel like being jazzy. 

I got this dress from Goodwill in 2011; since then, my taste has become more muted but I could never actually get rid of this dress. This particular shade of burgundy has a sense of mystery that I find alluring. It's that kind of silky, heavy polyester (yup, poly) that lays beautifully to show your figure off when you move but doesn't cling much either. It has to be my favorite fabric for dresses, skirts and cardigans. (Travels like a dream too.) Polyester is usually a big no-no in the fashion world -- but seriously, this kind is incredible; I'm always on the lookout for it. 

When I saw this cardigan-kimono at Honey Moon Muse Vintage, it had to be mine. Neutral color, avant-garde design, but I'll admit that what really sold me was the fabric! And yes, this is an all-polyester outfit... (never thought I'd say that). But honestly, it's one of the coziest outfits I can muster up within my wardrobe (I definitely value comfort).

This burgundy dress almost completely matches these vintage '70's sunglasses and my lipstick. I wanted to off-set the bold (for me) color move and pair it with the neutral cardigan. I'd say the result is classy, simple, super comfortable and very fall-like. Success! 

1970's burgundy sunglasses :: vintage :: garage sale ::
90's bias cut burgundy dress :: vintage :: goodwill ::
nude cardigan kimono :: vintage :: honey moon muse vintage ::
thin black vegan reptile skin oxfords :: miss me :: either pdx ::
burgundy lipstick :: portland black lipstick company ::

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