Sunday, November 23, 2014

::: Heartleap : Pt.I :::

Alex and I traveled down to my ol' college town, -- Ashland -- for the weekend to catch up and shoot with our talented friend Claire. She and I shot for 8 hours documenting looks I styled with a mix of items from Three Penny Mercantile and some of my own. So -- of course -- we had to throw my handsome partner in the creative whirlwind too. 

I realized you deserve to see Alex not dressed as Beetlejuice. I assume an origins question would likely be posed sometime, so I decided to jump the gun. This is going to be a two- part-er with more story and pictures coming later this week.
:: Part I of II :: Amanda & Alex ::

Picture this: I was a wee freshman and he was a dreamy junior in high school. We were in art class together on and off for two years. But we never talked -- and we both had irrational crushes on each other. 

Our art teacher Telle' ("telly") was a beefy, teddybear of a man. He drew muscled super-women, taught wrestling and football and occasionally wore kilts. He would host karaoke days around the holidays, and had the radio permanently set to 80's tunes or Brian Reagan. '80's films would sometimes be playing, and once a year he would recite all of The Little Mermaid while drawing at his table. Oh, and he was a genuinely sweet guy. He's always been hilariously militant with student's names and would address us loudly by our surnames; this is how Alex and I knew each other's names without ever talking. 

Though we had no idea, Alex & I were attracted to each other's talent, mystique and appearance. That's all you could really tell from afar, and permissible in high school. (Hm, by now I'm starting to feel like I should be writing "Dear Diary" in this story.) Contact happened only one time: a heart-thumpingly magnetic three-second stare into each other's eyes from across the room. Obviously, the occurrence was meaningful since we both still remember, 8 or 9 years later. Our friends even remember us talking about each other.

And that's Part.1, folks! Next post will be about when we finally talked to each other for the first time and a little beyond.


::: Clothes :::

I throw this black Asos skater dress on often -- it's layerable, comfortable and classy. For my body type, I noticed the most comfortable yet stylish looks come from a skater, bias-cut, sheath or a-line dress because they aren't as tight; ex: a bodycon. The buttons on this dress are fully functional and decorative. But let's be honest, these pumps from Three Penny Mercantile stole the clothes show. They are gorgeous with their ornately gold embellishments. The feather embroidered sweater I put on over my dress (in the pictures further down the page) was comfortable and added an element of fun to a rather simple look. (Simplicity usually looks best in photos with two people.) Alex complimented my look with his monotone outfit: a grey American Rag chambray button-up and black F21 Men's jacket. 

black skater dress :: asos :: 
vintage black and gold open toe pumps :: bruno magli :: three penny mercantile 
vintage black feather embroidered fuzzy sweater :: three penny mercantile
vintage black lace up boots :: __ :: three penny mercantile

grey chambray button-up :: american rag :: macy's
classic black jacket :: f21 :: buffalo exchange 

:: Heartleap :: Vashti Bunyan ::

( [skip to :45 ] music description : incredibly gorgeous, acoustic, 
beautifully gentle singing. my favorite )

Copyright : Portraits By Claire
Edits : Ammalynn