Tuesday, November 11, 2014

::: A New Career In Town :::

It seems I'm always applying to jobs nowadays.

It's no surprise recent college grads are having a tough time finding entry-level jobs that don't require years of experience. I am no exception. Finding a job is its own full-time job! I've had no choice but to keep going and turn each job I don't get into a positive learning experience.

There has been speculation on my part as to the judgements hiring managers may have of me based on my blog, so I decided to address any misinterpretations head-on: I maintain this style blog because I find it to be an excellent creative outlet. I can delve deeper into style philosophies, challenge myself, make connections with other like-minded people and progress in my photography, art and writing. Through Styleynn, I strive to see past myself through my own self-expression. 

I also realize it may appear that I spend lots of money on clothes and accessories regularly. But honestly, I've mostly featured things I've had for a long time, those I've traded to get, items from thrift stores or fantastic items I am lucky enough to be sent by incredible sponsors.

My hope is that any observations a possible employer may have while contemplating this blog will be favorable; and the take-away is that I like challenges, I am hard-working, astute, passionate, creative, detail-oriented and driven towards excellence.

--                                                                                                                                                             --

This outfit was one I actually wore to a job interview. I wanted to come across as professional through my appearance because first impressions are incredibly important when it comes to job interviews. I chose flat menswear shoes to show a focus on practicality. These grey tights from Silkies are super high quality, so I was thankfully unafraid of runs or holes foiling the overall professionalism of the look. The grey hosiery also gave a sense of lightness to an all-black outfit that has the potential to be perceived as more severe than I intended. In hindsight, the blazer is a little too big for me now (I've owned the blazer for several years and a few dress sizes), but it adds another layer of practicality on a brisk Fall day. Whatever factors keeps the confidence up will be present internally and externally!

mid-length black blazer : forever 21 : buffalo exchange :
black button - up blouse : j crew : buffalo exchange :
black panel pencil skirt : xoxo : macy's :
grey shaping tights : sculptz : silkies :
black and brown oxfords : __ : buffalo exchange :

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