Saturday, December 13, 2014

::: Urge For Going :::

Remember how it's technically still Fall on the West Coast?

Sure, there may be a few odd days left until winter "officially" hits us, but I luckily found a Fall goldmine by the river in the odd "Pineapple Express" weather currently in Oregon. 

This yellow and black skirt I have had for a few years now and I only wear it in Fall. Silly, yes -- I know; but as you may recall, I don't include a ton of color in my usual outfits, so I cycle it with the seasons.  It's literally the perfect Fall skirt, it would feel sort of strange wearing it in a different season for me. Plus, this skirt makes me go for my gold accessories instead of my silver mainstays. Mixing the wardrobe up is essential, so if you're like me, you can include occasional items seasonally that you love that aren't necessarily 100% "your style" as a treat and build an outfit from the novelty item.

I always pair this skirt with black (surprise, surprise) clothing to make it stand out; and gold accessories don't make it seem too random or out of place as it would if I wore it plain with black. It's a very light and flowy material, so I make it warmer with thick tights, midi boots, a warm structured jacket (that doesn't cover any of the skirt -- it's still the main outfit feature after all) and chunky infinity scarf. This outfit kept me warm before real winter chill sets in.

chunky black infinity scarf :: new, garage sale ::
structured jacket :: (old) forever 21 ::
yellow and orange floral fall skirt :: vintage ::
black tights :: vera wang ::
black and gold lace-up zip-side boots :: vintage ::
large black and gold purse bag :: (vintage) marc jacobs ::
tortoise shell style wayfarer sunglasses :: betsey johnson :: 

black and gold earrings & rings :: vintage ::

:: Urge For Going :: Joni Mitchell ::

( [music description] : gorgeous live folk : 
: "summertime was falling down &
winter was closing in" : )

Images: Copyright Ammalynn