Wednesday, December 24, 2014

::: Black Christmas (Eve) :::

Happy Xmas Eve!

Preface: I use "Xmas" because I am agnostic and believe the holiday season is for everyone. Xmas has grown into something more than just a religious holiday (as illustrated by any version of A Christmas Carol [the Muppet's version is the best]), but a general celebration of love no matter the spiritual belief. I feel Xmas more about giving thanks than Thanksgiving is (don't get me started on that holiday...). Basically, the "x" in "Xmas" is the written short-hand for a kiss. So happy kiss-mas to all of you!

This is an outfit I wore while shopping for loved ones. These oversized retro cat-eye shades from Wholesale Celeb Shades always kick any outfit up a few notches. The sweater is marvelously comfy because it's all cotton but the faux-fur black vest kept me super toasty (which is rare, because I'm one of those gals who are always cold). The black shiny American Apparel leggings pulled the outfit together with the black vintage boots sandwiching white socks to balance the white from the sweater while bringing in my oversized upper silhouette. 

But what I loved most about this outfit were what my nails added. I confess, I loathe painting my nails. Working with a paintbrush on a material that aren't my hands are more my forte. There's a lot of mess, stench, dry time and brevity involved with nail polish (gee, can you tell how much I dislike the stuff?) -- it's always been a waste of money to me if someone does it for me or I do it myself. I'm a natural introvert, so getting my nails done in a salon by a stranger is pretty unappealing to me. These half-moon nails weren't done by a salon -- they're nail wraps. I can bypass everything I dislike about decorating my nails by choosing nail wraps -- I'm obsessed now. No longer do I feel immense annoyance when my nails are decorated -- they finally last and they look great. These are from Go Scratch It and they're incredibly easy to use and healthier than whole fake nails. I just hope they have some narrower sizes available in the future -- I had to paint my pinky! But hey, if I only have to paint two fingers, that's okay. Regardless, I'm incredibly happy with my decorated nails for the first time in... possibly ever. Treat yo'self.

What are you going to wear this holiday season? Do you and your family dress up? Merry X-Mas, lovelies!!

half-moon nail wraps :: go scratch it ::
black beanie :: drugstore ::
black retro round cateye sunglasses :: wholesale celeb shades ::
long black faux-fur vest :: me jane :: red light vintage pdx ::
oversized black and white holiday sweater :: red light vintage pdx ::
black matte legging :: american apparel :: buffalo exchange ::
black faux snakeskin envelope over the shoulder purse :: vintage :: ebay ::
black faux leather booties :: vintage :: red light vintage pdx ::
rings :: three penny mercantile dearest a style pixie ::

::: Black Christmas (1974 Trailer) :::

( [Movie description:] One of the early point-of-view slasher films 
that is silly -- though brilliant and incredibly freaky at times. 
Total classic. Watch the whole thing here. )

Photos: Alex Baumann
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