Sunday, May 24, 2015

::: Jean Genie :::


I found this pale-colored blouse originally when I was shopping for my Etsy vintage shop over a year ago. I was too attracted to the pastels and the fun 90's nature pattern to let it out of my hands. The trouble was, the blouse was quite large on me. Even with the bottom buttons undone and the ends of the blouse tied in a knot to fit better to me, it still had too much extra volume and just looked plain odd with any high-waist shorts I paired it with. So it sat in my closet. When it was warm in the house, I'd throw it on because it's so light and airy - but only in the house.
Finally, I got lucky. I was vintage shopping and came across 90's Guess overall shorts. Usually, anything close to a jumpsuit doesn't fit me correctly - it drives me nuts because I've come across so many beautiful one pieces that were just plain ill-fitting. (I guess I have a long torso?) These overalls, however, for the first time since childhood, fit me comfortably! Thank the Jean Genie! These overalls were the missing link to wearing this blouse, making it hug my silhouette in just the right ways, troubleshooting the excess fabric.  Needless to say, I'm really excited to see what I can do with these overalls this year.
To continue the classic 90's look, I decided Polette's marvelous Rubis sunglasses and white Converse would be a perfect addition, and pretty on-point with the time period I was inspired by. This whole outfit was a large dose of nostalgia for me, making me miss my Oshkosh B'gosh overalls and jelly shoes. It's lovely to evoke good memories, if just temporarily from an outfit.  

♥ Hope you have a marvelous Memorial Day!  

Photos: AmmalynnCopyright: Amanda Hatheway / Styleynn2015