Saturday, May 16, 2015

::: eShakti :::


This navy blue dress from eShakti is mainly two things: retro and dressy; and for exactly those reasons, I decided to let loose and go barefoot in it! It was a lovely spring afternoon with fragrant flowers, and the sun's rays added extra doses of happiness.

While this dress is incredibly light-weight and made for warm weather, I decided to add my vintage girl's-size Levi's "mini" denim jacket as a way to match the laid-back vibe I wanted the outfit and photoshoot to have. The oversized cat eye sunglasses also further suggested the retro, yet relaxed feel of the outfit.

And - whoa - am I smiling in more than one frame?? What is this madness? (Make no mistake, I smile probably too much in person, I'm just usually not a fan of my smile when it's documented; for various reasons.) You could say life is pretty grand right now. But this instance illustrated how animals will always bring me - and my face - joy. This is Chica, she's a chug, and my semi dogter-in-law. She is the sweetest thing and the queen of cuddling, she so happens to be the most caring dog I've ever had the honor of being loved by - probably even meeting. Chica's the epitome of a lap dog, as you can see, she just climbed right on me during the shoot and cracked us up!

When the lovebug couldn't figure out how to lay comfortably on my bare legs, she left me and the dress remarkably fur and dirt-free. This dress holds up well. The sweetheart neckline along with the shrug shoulders drew me in because it reminded me of dresses I've admired from the 1950's. But the quarter-length sleeves weren't originally part of the design. What is most impressive about eShakti is their customization features. Want a different sleeve length? Done. Worried the knee-length hem might make your legs appear shorter? They'll help you out. You want something completely made for you and your unique measurements? That's what they're great at!

- Here are four eShakti dresses that intensify my sunny disposition at their visage -


♥ Hope you had a marvelous day! 

Photos: Alex Baumann, Edited by Ammalynn
Copyright: Amanda Hatheway / Styleynn