Wednesday, January 14, 2015

::: Take Ten :::

Clothe yourself how ever you want, just love what you wear. 

Whether you like it or not, what you're wearing is usually your first representation. It's important to match the outside as best as you can to your inner self. For example, I dress subtly to begrudgingly run errands but I'll still feel stylish and myself; maybe the colors are great, there's a statement piece, I like the shape, etc -- the point is that I still represent my inner self even if my mood isn't quite up to it. Feeling like you have the "whole package" is a wonderful and positive thing.

Okay, I realize the above advice could seem like superficial dribble. But if there's anything I learned from every dang episode of What Not to Wear, it's that when you look good, you feel good. Who doesn't want to feel good while looking good? (It could change your life.)

If you aren't sure where to begin, look at yourself and consider these questions:

Am I comfortable in ____?
Does ____ fit the way I want it to fit?
Does ____ make me feel confident?
Does the color/pattern/texture represent me?
What does ___ make you feel like? Do you want to feel and project yourself that way?

I have gone through each of these questions even before committing to the items on this blog post's outfit. I'm comfortable and stylishly warm in this outfit. Wearing all black clothes make me feel powerful -- I like that. When I feel powerful, I feel confident. Everything fits comfortably and I like the vintage/classy/goth look I have going on here. All systems go! Now if I had answered negatively to any of the questions, there would have to be a justifiably "me" reason to wear it -- otherwise there's no excuse. It's important to pay attention to how our outside affects ourselves inside. It just may increase your happiness.

::: black velvet vintage pillbox hat :: round vintage sunglasses :: 90's armani  :: black second-hand oversized infinity scarf :: black vintage long flared trench coat : three penny mercantile :: black vintage knee-length quarter sleeve dress :: sheer black knee - highs:: silkies :: heels :: jolie :: crossroads trading ::

Photos: Alex Baumann / Edits: Ammalynn                            Copyright: Amanda Hatheway, 2015