Sunday, January 11, 2015

::: I Am Blessed :::

Fact: I'm only 5'5"

But about 90% of the time, people are shocked that I'm not 5'7".  I'm not sure why it's always that exact height, but though I'm cool with being my size, I will admit a higher stature is always an outfit goal for me. 

Make vertical lines elongate the body: Other than the obvious (heels), my greatest trick to appearing taller is choosing to accentuate vertical lines when I can. In this outfit, the grey and white sweater has vertical lines, so I layered a heavy black blanket cape over it to bring the eye vertically towards the slim black pants to accentuate my legs for a longer effect. 

But this outfit could have easily engulfed me due to the bulk of two sweaters. Adding heels and skinny jeans usually balances out anything oversized. (Complimenting volumes in an outfit is key!) But still, this outfit would have been too plain (in my opinion) without the black bowler hat on top that contrasts the white vintage heels. Black cateye sunglasses and long earrings added extra class and polished the look off to create a sleek outfit that maay make me look a bit taller than I really am.

::: black acrylic bowler hat :: h&m (circa 2014) : [similar] ::: black cateye sunglasses :: wc shades ::: long black and silver vintage earrings :: my aunt cindy ::: grey and white pointed scallop bell-sleeve cotton sweater :: vintage ::: black heavy cotton blanket cape :: vintage nordstrom ::: black velvet crop pants :: vintage gap : [similar] ::: white satin 1970's strappy closed-toe heels :: vintage :::

Photos: Alex Baumann / Edits: Ammalynn
Copyright: Amanda Hatheway