Wednesday, September 17, 2014

::: On the Sunny Side of the Street :::

I'm perpetually searching for white dresses. 

Perhaps it's the lyric "girls in white dresses" from The Sound of Music so many of us grow up with, there's just something about them... Then again, I only attribute that lyric because I was given a trinket as a child that played that song, so I can't help but think it contributes to my constant lookout for timeless white dresses.

But I also realize white dresses are a perfect summer look -- especially this summer where all-white looks have prevailed so marvelously. 

While we have about another week until it's officially Fall, I figured I had to get a late summer look up on the blog before it was too late.

This eyelet wrap dress by Sandra Darren that I found at a thrift store has served me well.
The midi skirt length, the bow, the delicate collar and the eyelet detail make it perfectly timeless. 
If I added a petticoat, it would easily look full-on 1950's. And if I wanted to modernize it, I'd add minimal jewelry and trendy pumps.

But for this look I added a divine vintage pearl costume necklace to give the outfit more of 
a fancy vibe; along with my silver crown vintage clutch that matches the off-white of the satin 1970's heels and the vintage Juicy Couture bracelet to compliment the clutch's crown and chain detail. This outfit is primed for a live theatre performance. (In which I strongly advocate dressing up for -- does everything need to be so dressed down in America nowadays? I understand comfort, but dressing up [at least a little] is a sign of respect in my opinion.)

The inspiration for this week's look is brought to you by the elegantly sensual and talented Sophia Loren. I am mostly Italian in heritage, so it kind of makes sense I idolize Sophia in her infinite loveliness... right? With my dress's low-cut nape and (almost) see-through nature, the dress has an understated 50's sexuality that reminded me of Sophia.

lips: occ nsfw  
pearl statement necklace: vintage hand-me-down  
white eyelet dress: sandra darren/thrifted  
bracelet: vintage juicy couture  
clutch: vintage  
pumps: peter fox 

Photography Copyright: Morgan Stone Grether
Edits by Ammalynn


PS. If I'm going to use titles of songs as a title of my blog post, I figure I'd include the namesake's song in my post too!

So here is this post's namesake by another incredible woman of Golden Age history:

~ On The Sunny Side Of The Street ( Live ) ~
:: Ella Fitzgerald / 1962 ::