Monday, April 28, 2014

::: In the Beginning :::

Bracelet by Urban Lace. Rest is vintage.
I'm Amanda.
I've never been all too fond of my name, so I crafted the name: Ammalynn ( ah-mah-lynn) --
A mixture of my first and middle name.

Being an artist around PDX, I have recieved lovely offers from fashion companies & agencies that are extremely enticing.
So, unbegrudgingly & most humbly, I am launching this fashion blog due to the incredible interest from people finding me through my artistic collaborations as well as my tumblrlookbook.

Since the early days of high school on, I couldn't tell you how many males & females have asked me to help them out with their wardrobe & style as my hands-on fashion education progressed.

My main goal with this blog, Stylelynn (see what I did there? ... Clever girl?), is to reach out to others, to divulge my "style" secrets that have been (surprisingly) in-demand. This blog will not be just about me, but also about you!

You will not just see what I wear & where they are from, trend philosophy & forecasting, but you will see personal tips I have learned over the years.

And be prepared to see a LOT of vintage styling. Most everything I own is second-hand. I believe in recycling (like a good Oregonian) & damn good bargains. In fact, vintage is such a part of my life that I curate The Ornate Bazaar on Etsy.

See ya soon!

<3 -- Ammalynn

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